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Dairy at our farm

Farm awarded with the quality seal Gallo Rosso - Farm holidays

The dairy and the little shop are in business since 2005. The beautiful surroundings of the farm are home to 12 cows and calves. We also own 12 hectares of fields, which we steadily maintain without using artificial fertilizers. This is not only healthy for the animals but it is also nicer for the eyes. Therefore the best conditions for the production of a good cheese are given.

Milk produced twice a day by our cows is the basis of our cheeses. From the row milk and with a considerable expenditure of energy and of manual work we prepare genuine South Tyrolean specialties too. As the typical grey cheese „Graukäse“, which is used to prepare some typical Tyrolean dishes, e.g. cheese dumplings, or which also tastes very well with onion and olive oil.

Currently we offer 5 types of cheese, each one of unique and unmistakable taste. The cheeses are ripened for periods ranging from about 3 weeks to 5 months, before they can be sold.

In our dairy in addition to the cheeses you can find ricotta and butter too, as well as fruit or natural yoghurt.

We hope to have sparked your interest and we invite you to come and visit our shop on the farm.


Strada Parüs, 7
I-39036 Badia (BZ)
Alta Badia - South Tyrol
T +39 0471 83 95 75
VAT No. 01436210213


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