Own production - South Tyrol

Cheese Badia

seasoned cheese, semihard made of whole raw milk;
maturation period 4-5 months;
salted aftertaste, semi-piquant, strong characteristical aroma;


Cheese Parüs

fresh and mild soft cheese made of whole raw milk;
maturation period 1 month;
mild taste, much beloved by children;


Cheese Erbes

cheese made of whole raw milk and herbs;
1-2 months maturation period;
enriched with different aromatic mountain herbs;


Cheese Chi Prà

aromatic cut cheese made of whole raw milk;
1-2 months maturation period;
ideal for snack and also excellently used for cooking;



typical cheese made of pausterised low-fat milk;
1-3 weeks maturation period;

Fresh cheese

Fresh Cheese

fresh milk with addition of different fresh spices;



made of whole milk, natural or with fruits;


Curd Cheese

made of whey;



a 250 gr size;



Strada Parüs, 7
I-39036 Badia (BZ)
Alta Badia - South Tyrol
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