Maso chi Prà

Fam. Valentin Michele
Str. Parüs, 7
39036 Badia (BZ)
Tel. +39 0471 839575

P.I.: 01436210213

Welcome to the farm "CHI PRà"

Chi Pra Chi Pra Chi Pra Chi Pra Chi Pra Chi Pra

Choose to spend your holiday on the farm "Chi Prà" to the Family Valentin in Val Badia in South Tyrol. You are welcome in our little paradise in every season.

Parents can relax and your children can have a good time and know the farmer life.

Enjoy our milk products. Our family is dedicated to producing every day various types of cheese and yoghurt following traditional methods.

During holidays on a farm from a certain point of view you are so close to the farm environment that you even become familiar with the cows.

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